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The Obtaining and Advertising Charges of Real Estate Transactions in Kenya

As would be predicted, there are a number of transactions concerned in acquiring and marketing home, which entice fees and taxes. In Kenya, you incur fees from the moment you start hunting for feasible expense ventures.

Though some costs are set, this kind of as registration and requisite lookup fees, numerous costs involved with acquiring and marketing real estate in Kenya are remarkably variable and dependent on:

  • The variety of serious estate
  • Area of the home
  • Commissions and fees billed and gained by the many gurus (which are also often dependent on variety and spot of the home)
  • The variety of transactions
  • Paperwork you want or require

The believed sum for spherical journey transactions can range from 4.5% to six.8% of the marketing/acquiring rate of the real estate.

Real-estate Agent Costs

  • Looking fees: rates vary depending on the variety, dimensions and price of home with an city apartment in upmarket neighborhood costing as much as Ksh5,000
  • Viewing fees: may differ between real estate agents but commonly ranges in between Ksh500- one thousand for household homes and more than Kshs5,000 for industrial houses
  • Listing Costs: may differ depending on dimensions and spot of home with landlords having to pay from two% the value of the home
  • Agent’s fee (customer & vendor): one.twenty five% of the sale rate

Assets Requisite Lookup Costs

  • Preliminary requisite lookup cost: Ksh500
  • Charges of obtaining requisite completion paperwork (vendor): Kshs500

Registration Charges

  • Registration fees: Ksh500
  • Banker’s cheque cost: Kshs600
  • Land hire clearance certificate: Kshs 7,five hundred

Stamp Responsibilities

Stamp obligations are taxes tied to paperwork and serious-estate sale/obtain transactions. It truly is commonly dependent on the sale rate of the home.

  • Duly signed product sales settlement: Ksh200 for initial copy and Kshs20 for just about every copy
  • Assets transfer (houses within municipalities): 4% flat rate
  • Assets transfer (outside municipalities): two% flat rate
  • Mortgage: .one% of the total of mortgage loan
  • Assets leased for less than three decades: one% flat rate
  • Assets leased more than a length of 3yrs: two% flat rate stamp duty


  • Money tax (non-inhabitants): 30% of gross rental cash flow
  • Money tax (foreign corporations): 37.50% flat rate
  • Yearly home tax: may differ across destinations and home value but is commonly one% of the home value
  • Land tax: may differ by spot of the land and is most pricey in big towns this kind of as Nairobi with rates as high as 8%

Lawful and Mortgage Costs

  • Lawful fees associated with getting mortgage loan

    • Is dependent on total of mortgage you take (larger mortgages signify larger fees) but generally the rates are in between .5-one.5% of the value of home
  • Assets insurance policy: may differ with length of mortgage reimbursement and lender
  • House loan everyday living policy: billed at .three% and .six% of the mortgage mortgage for each 12 months
  • House loan negotiation fees: while it may differ, most loan companies check with for one% of the mortgage total
  • House loan indemnity insurance policy: often ranges in between 5 – 10% of the value of home
  • Lawful fees associated with attorney overseeing sale procedure: one.5%

Other Essential Charges

  • Survey fees: Ksh 5, 000 session cost.

    • Survey fees are identified by the survey operate accomplished
  • Valuation fees: commonly Kshs5,000 session cost

    • On the other hand, the precise valuation cost is dependent on home value. For occasion valuation fees for city houses valued Ksh10 million suggests Ksh40,000
  • Residency allow fees: accompanied by non-refundable processing fees and the fees vary depending with the variety of allow you require. For occasion:
  1. Class D- Kshs200,000 every year with 10,000 non-refundable fees
  2. Class I- Kshs5,000 with Kshs1,000 non-refundable cost
  3. Class A- Kshs250, 000 and 10,000 non- refundable, etcetera.

Enterprise set up costs: is dependent on variety and dimensions of corporation and its spot

Utility reconnection fees include

  • Energy deposit fees: regular Ksh2,five hundred
  • H2o deposit fees: regular Ksh1,000